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nova car system

NOVA GARAJ has produced this model for your car. Dimensions of this garage can be made in desired sizes.  NOVA GARAJ car systems  automobile garage is manufactured as a complete dismantled. Easy to install and dismantled.

  • 1st class Aluminum coating on electrostatic painted steel profiles (non-flammable, stainless, no paint required)

  • Automatic garage door with automatic remote control (door opening time 21 sec.)

  • High custom and very stylish aluminum plated floor.

  • Motion sensor alarm

  • 40 watt LED lighting that automatically turns on when the door is opened

  • 1 fire extinguisher.

  • 1 long shelf

  • 2 clothes hanger.

  • 1 electrical outlet

  • Ventilation

  • Ground fixation from the bottom of the floor at 12 different points, with the 20 cm steel dowels.

  • Colour options:

  • Matte Black, Red, Metallic gray, Yellow, Bright black, Blue, Wood pattern, Orange, Dark gray.

  • Optional printing or embellishment can be made on the side and back panels.

  • All parts used in our garages are stainless and 90% material is non-combustible.

  • Height    :   2250 mm

  • Length   :   4500 - 6000 mm

  • Width     :   3000 - 3200  mm

  • Weight   :   475 - 596 Kg

  • (These sizes are generally preferred, and we have different special sizes.)

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