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NOVA GARAJ All of the CArettA motorcycle garage is made of stainless, non-paint and non-flammable material.

Easy to install and disassemble.

  • Aluminum composite on electro-static painted steel profiles

  • Very stylish aluminum coated floor at a height of 5 cm from the ground

  • Easily opened with the help of 2 purpose produced shock absorbers.

  • It is locked with Kale Lock, all made of steel. In addition, there are 2 padlocks for extra security.

  • 4 coat hangers

  • All materials used in our garage are stainless.

  • Ventilation is available.

  • Stylish and compact design takes up as much space as your motorcycle.

  • Optionally, external cladding can be made.

  • It is produced in 2 sizes as standard and big size.


                            Standart size  -  Large size


       Length     :        2500 mm                3000 mm

       Width       :        1100 mm                1250 mm

       Height      :        1500 mm                1700 mm

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