NovA GArAj

Benefits of Motorcycle Garages...

  • It protects your motorcycle from all kinds of external factors, including rain, snow, sun, storm, etc. and eliminates all kinds of damage and risks.

  • Protects your motorcycle from theft and all kinds of malicious actions.

  • Protects your motorcycle from bumps and rollovers.

  • Protects your motorcycle from street animals such as cats and dogs.

  • NovA gArAj is the only motorcycle garage system in Turkey that is demountable and totally disassembled. In this way, it can be carried easily.

  • NovA gArAj;  is designed to garage your motorcycle and all your belongings, equipment, helmets, coats, etc. together and safely.

  • When you have to remain seperate than your motorcycle for a long time, you can charge the battery and continue your holiday with peace of mind thanks to the electrical outlet in your motorcycle garage.

  • Since NovA gArAj Motorcycle Garages are designed to cover many motorcycle models in general, it will allow you to use it safely for many years as it will be compatible with your new motorcycle in case you change motorcycles later on.

  • In order to protect your highly valued motorcycle, NovA gArAj custom design motorcycle garage is sufficient with all its features.